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TripCase is the leading itinerary management app in travel with 10M users and managing 50M trips annually.

New look. Same great app.

The award winning, leading travel itinerary management app was birthed from a concept lab of 10 people. From there the app has seen a 200% growth year over year. With every great tool, there comes a time to refresh the user experience as needs change and markets evolve. The key is to expertly identify the existing road bumps or problems, and elegantly solved them without disrupting the user's familiarity with the app. The only way to do this successfully is through exhaustive research, iterations, and countless hours of testing.


No pixel is free of scrutiny. This included the mobile app, as-well-as the desktop experience. It was important to create a pleasurable user experience across multiple platforms and technologies.


TripCase has tens of millions of users, however every digital experience, no matter the audience size, should uphold the aforementioned mindset.