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TripCase is the leading itinerary management app in travel with 10M users and managing 50M trips annually.

Merchant Onboarding

Simplifying workflows for everyone

We needed a platform to expedite the revenue stream and accelerate the boarding of new customers to platforms. Needs included the ability to capture and validate customer data, monitor the processes through configurable workflows, and provide robust reporting and analytics.


The application we created has become the preeminent SaaS platform for the payments industry. The white-label solution enables acquirers to service multiple downstream entities including ISOs, merchants, chains, associations, sales agents, sub-ISOs and agent banks. 

Design System Language

Due to the size and complexity of the products, a design system language (DLS) was a necessity. A streamlined and delightful user experience was paramount, and was achieved in part by building a design system language. When building a DSL we had to be meticulous, and constantly force ourselves to think of the future applications of the product, device constraints, and overall evolving needs of the users.