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Raising babies is hard.

As many parents will understand, when the doctor asks you to keep track of every time your baby poops, eats, sleeps, takes meds, etc... your house becomes a valley of random scrapes of paper everywhere with half written details about your baby's daily goings-on.
The bottom line is: It's near impossible to keep track of all of the papers, journals, and everything in between. Now add on top of that hormones, crying, no sleep, and a general state of crazy... and the tracking your doctor told you to do just doesn't get done.

Jibbydoo makes it easier.

Jibbydoo's mission was to make tracking your baby's daily routine as easy and as fun as possible. Jibbydoo wants each parent to have a great time tracking, sharing, and resting easy that when the doctor asks for your baby journal... you've got it covered.