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AV Quick Start



This is a dynamic mic that needs a FetHead (listed below) for most audio-interfaces in order to boost the gain and not have annoying room noise. I can't recommend this mic highly enough.



The FetHead is a pre-amp that is needed if you opt to get the Behringer (listed below) where it is needed. This adds gain in-line and helps keep your gain down on the interface.

Behringer U-Phoria Audio Interface


This is a great audio-interface for those just starting out. Great starter option and definitely gets the job done!

Mic Desk Stand


This desk stand is a great option for on the go, or if you just don't want to drop the cash for the RODE boom arm. It's also a great option. I have 2 of these as well. Hey, don't judge. Ya boy needed options!

XLR Cables


I'm telling you now, you can never have too many XLR cables. And with a great price like these from Amazon Basics, it won't hurt the wallet either.


Clap Ring Light

This little clap on ring light has been a total win. I clamp it right to my monitor and boom. Makes for a great key light.

Canon EOS m50


After doing tons of research, I landed on the Canon EOS m50. And I'm glad I did. The flip out screen, the small profile, the price compared to others... it's a real winner and totally worth the investment. I normally recommend a different lens, but the kit lens will do the job just fine.

Canon Power Adapter - Dummy Battery


Life. Saver. This dummy battery is a power adapter that allows your to run the camera all day without having to interrupt your meetings to change the battery out.

Micro USB Cable


Because the Canon EOS m50 doesn't provide a "clean HDMI" - the easiest way to get up and running as a webcam is to plug it into your computer using a Micro USB.

Don't forget to download Canon's free EOS Web Cam software as well.

Desk Mount

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 12.49.16 PM.png

Great for mounting the camera right above my monitor, so I don't have to use a bulky tripod and can get my desk closer to the wall.

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