Father, Husband, Design Strategist, Chapstick Obsessed, Coffee Enthusiast, and UX Coach.

You clicked "About"!? Well I'm flattered, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to view the site and get to know lil ol Tony.  

In a nutshell, my journey into the world of design started at a very young age. I remember spending hours at the local OfficeDepot playing with the photo settings and filters on the digital cameras when they first came out. I would spend even more hours making fake logos in Microsoft Paint '95. You know, the OG.

Fast forward to college. I began a photography studio in NYC to help pay the bills. It was then when I began to marry my love for design and love for people into one. Soon thereafter, I started branding, branding led me to identity, identity led me to websites, websites led me to UX. And that, is where I have hung my hat and have gladly called home for the past 10-ish-or-so years.

When I'm not riffing on a whiteboard or facilitating discovery sessions, I can be found making cooking videos with my toddlers, or daydreaming about the next DIY project my wife and I are going to tackle.


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